2018 Roy Cloud Jogathon and Color Run

Many teachers walk/run laps with their students. Please show your support and also pledge for the teachers! You can do so by clicking on their names below:

Staff:                 Mr. Faulkner          Ms Nally

Kindergarten:    Mrs. Chappelle     Mrs. Maquire         Mrs. May   

1st Grade:           Mrs. Parodi           Mrs. Perez            Mrs. Ho / Mrs Perry   Ms Moser

2nd Grade:         Mrs. Sloan           Mrs. Solorzano      Mrs Marriott / Shanks

3rd Grade:           Mrs. Granato         Mrs. Mendez         Mrs. DavisMerolla

4th Grade:         Mrs. Faulkner        Mrs. Kiefer

5th Grade:         Ms Johnson          Mrs. Ortez             Mr. Tsivikas

6th Grade:         Ms Hsich              Ms Oliver-Grothe    Ms Rivoli

7th Grade:         Ms Avalos             Mr McAdams         Ms Williams

8th Grade:         Mr Reinke             Mr Coleman           Mr. Morse









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