2018 Roy Cloud Jogathon and Color Run

Users have been created for all K-5th grade students (or all middle school students, please pledge to your teacher or click here to create your individual fundraising page). In order to find your K-5th grade student(s), note that we uploaded their first name as well as 3 letters of their last name only. We did not upload full last names in the interest of privacy. This can make it a little more complicated to find the user.

Here are some tips to find your student's page:

  • Try the full first name as first search option - there might be several students with this first name, all of them will pop up and you can identify your student based on the first 3 letters of the last name and homeroom teacher
  • Use up to the first 6 letters of the first name - then check last name and teacher to match your student
  • Use the first 3 letters of the last name
  • Use 6 letters of the first name AND first 3 letters of the last name

If you know your child's classroom teacher, you can always also find them via the teachers page: Go to 'pledge a teacher' then click on your teachers name, then on the right hand side you will find 'see team' you should be able to find you student's name in the list there and can click on it to get to their weblink.

If you are still having trouble finding your student, please email roycloudjogathon@gmail.com and let us know the first and last name as well as grade for the student you are looking for. We gladly will send you their direct weblink or logon details again.

Do you prefer to use a paper pledge sheet instead to go through the neighborhood? Download it here

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